The Human Optimization Project (Hop)
The Human Optimization Project (Hop)

The Human Optimization Project (Hop)

Welcome to HOP (the Human Optimization Project)! Hop is your one-stop shop for resources that will help you build, create, learn, and ultimately live a healthier and more fulfilling life. Click on a topic above to learn more! Learn more: 👋About Us

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HOP New Year Template (Free) Start 2022 off right by planning ahead! Read more about it 🐇Hop Into the New Year!

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How Hop is Built

Hop is proudly built using Notion and several other tools that integrate with it: Potion and Tally primarily . While that does limit us in some ways in terms of design, Notion is incredibly good at handling content and it makes it a lot easier to add new content. While some day we may move to a more traditional website, we're starting here as a way to collect a bunch of resources and get started!
You can read more about web serving with Notion here: 🌐Web Serving with Notion!

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