About Us

About Us

Hop was created in 2021 after I had spent many years focusing on each of the subjects we cover here as a way to provide all of them with a cohesive home.
While it goes against the best practices of the internet to group many different topics in one place, I don't see questions of productivity, fitness, and education as different. Each topic here is essential to long-term success. And I can tell you from personal experience: they are correlated. I am more productive and learn more when I am staying fit. Financials and more follow these basic successes (or failures). And if one of these areas starts to slack the others tend to as well.
Another commonality is that each of the topics here has become countercultural, and is under assault. This isn't so much a conspiracy so much as it is a general societal degradation. It is easier in today's world to consume content rather than create it. To be fat rather than fit. To be ignorant rather than educated. To spend money rather than save money. Because it is easy, it is comfortable, and because it is comfortable it gains ground in the culture.
If you could not figure it out from the above, Hop is proudly unwoke. Wokeness percipitates the trends of laziness, obesity, and ignorance (and several other harmful trends). While we welcome anyone to come and browse, our site will never feature woke post-modernism in a positive light. If that offends your sensibilities, feel free to leave now.
My hope for your time at Hop is that you find it a valuable resource and that you use it in at least one little way to make your life better. In a world as large and as messy as ours, the only real way to make a difference is by starting with one person at a time.
If Hop has helped you - I'd love to know about it! Please feel free to reach out with your story. And if you'd like to help contribute content and tools to Hop, we'd love to have you! While I can't say that we won't monetize some aspects of Hop, the vast majority of resources and content on Hop is free and will be free forever.
Warm Regards,
Ben Mumma
Founder of Hop


Ben Mumma
Ben is the Founder of Hop. He has worked in the tech industry for over a decade and holds an undergraduate degree in Engineering from Lehigh University, a Masters in Quantitative Finance from Lehigh University, and an MBA from the Quantic School of Business and Technology. He has travelled to 36 countries (and counting), has run 10 marathons (and counting), and is passionate about, well, all the stuff you read about here. He currently lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, Anh.
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