Cryptocurrency Starter

Cryptocurrency Starter

Not sure what to think of cryptocurrencies or not even sure what the heck they are? This is the place to start!
I'm not going to lie - the crypto world is complex, and it isn't something you'll "just get" overnight. This is my attempt at sharing what I learned as I've started to dive into crypto. While there are many out there more knowledgeable than I am, this is an attempt to frame it in a conversational and easy-to-understand way.
Cryptocurrency: what it is and why it'll win - Crypto #1 Covering the basics of cryptocurrency and why it is needed in the modern world.
📈Starting A Crypto Stack - Crypto #3 Addressing some common objections and explaining the various layers of technology for a crypto investor.
💵The Two Trillion Dollar Market - Crypto #4 More about the recent growth of cryptocurrencies and some perspective on volatility and the size of the opportunity.
💰The Evolution of a Crypto Collector - Crypto #5 How to evolve your cryptocurrency holdings from a Robinhood or Coinbase trader to a sophisticated crypto investor.
🏝️Generating Yield on Crypto - Crypto #6 How you can get interest on your investments in cryptocurrencies that far outpaces the options available to you in traditional finance.