Culture is King - Principles #11

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Jan 14, 2022
Principles Series
Yesterday covered why culture is becoming the dominant actor in shaping the world (supplanting economics). Today, we’ll look at a bit more on what that means for the individual.
Most importantly, as mentioned yesterday, it’s up to each of us to sway the culture around us, and to do so responsibly. Culture matters and scales more than ever, and so engendering good things will scale your benefit, while engendering bad things will have a cost. You may only influence a few people, but they too spread influence to others. While the world may seem more out-of-control than ever, you (yes, you!) are closer to influence than you ever were before.
Keep an eye toward the future!
Keep an eye toward the future!
Next, understanding cultural movements is becoming more critical both from a classical perspective as well as a mathematical perspective. Crowd dynamics are tough – almost impossible – to predict, but anyone who can at least provide insight into them will become even more valuable. The people who can sway them (now a vague group of people called ‘influencers’) could see a rise in value similar to that of the computer programmer over the past thirty years.
Lastly, the next step to all this is the meta-cultural game. What’s that, you may ask? Put succinctly, it is the process of ingraining principles and concepts into the culture so that the evolution of culture is guided in a positive direction rather than a neutral or negative direction. If we can manage to understand how this could work, we can reverse engineer some beneficial steps for us to take rather than leaving ourselves at the mercy of a culture we’re all a part of shaping.