Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself

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Dec 29, 2021
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Mar 23, 2022 12:52 AM
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There are a couple different mindsets toward productivity. One relatively common one among the professional class would be to use money to amplify your productivity by buying whatever you can use to make life easier.
And while that is true in some places, there is obvious value to being resourceful and being able to do things yourself. While I don’t oppose buying some productivity, I do relate more to the “do it yourself” or DIY school of productivity and in my overall approach to life. Sure, buying things is sometimes easier and thus “more productive” in the short-run, but in my opinion you miss out on the long-term gains from truly understanding the relevant task or subject.
What made me think about all this was watching some videos on an amazing YouTube channel called DIY Perks:
As Matt has 3.5 million subscribers, I am certainly not early to this game. But it is a great channel if you haven’t come across it before. Matt salvages and repurposes parts from old electronics largely to build some really cool stuff.
My browsing of his channel started as I was looking for something to do with two old laptops that I recently lugged back from my parent’s place. While I could recycle them, I’d rather actually use the parts and learn a bit more about how computers work in the process! And thankfully, DIY Perks has the videos for that, converting laptop batteries into portable power banks, making extra (portable) monitors from laptop screens, and more!
I’ll check in later on how my rebuilding process turns out, and whether this is more wishful thinking than realistic goals, but I’m excited to get an extra monitor or two!