Introduction to Crypto

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Mar 23, 2022 12:51 AM
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Why Crypto Matters:

How does Crypto fit into Human Optimization? It's pretty simple: freedom.
To elaborate a bit more: traditional money continues to be inflated by our government in order to pay for its own expansion. The idea of a currency only backed by a government started in the 1970's (when the U.S. left the Gold Standard), and what we are seeing today is that our faith was misplaced. The government today has no will or ability to reign in its spending.
This all feels fine to many because disaster hasn't struck.... yet. But our government is constantly taking away your purchasing power and, thus, your agency. And it is using that for its own pet projects that may align (but probably don't) with your own interests.
Cryptocurrencies offer us the best chance at breaking out of this endless decline. To form a store of value that is separated from government influence. While this may seem hard, it is critical for the long-term success of humanity.
While we don't suggest your finances should be 100% crypto, it is a critical part of any wealth building or wealth preservation strategy.
We should state the obligatory: we are not financial advisors, and nothing said here should be considered financial advice.
Looking for more? Check out our introductory series on crypto - it should give you enough of a baseline to understand the general concepts. From there, honestly it is best just to dive in and start buying and using crypto, so get out there!
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