Introduction to Principles

Introduction to Principles

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Mar 23, 2022 12:51 AM
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What values we hold end up having a huge influence on our lives. Because of how critical they are, no project to help humans optimize their lives would be complete without providing some advice on principles to hold.
People tend to pick up principles from a bunch of different places: family, religion, friends, schooling, and more. But the adoption of these principles is rarely structured, and people tend to put less thought into their principles as they grow older and presumably have life "figured out."
While part of that is natural, our case is that it is worthwhile to put additional thought into principles as one grows older and as the world continues to evolve.
So what we will have here is various topics around specific principles, but also what to do when they inevitably conflict. Those conflicts are where much of modern life lies: answers are rarely clear cut as to take one principle in absolute. Everything has tradeoffs.
Whatever you end up believing, we hope that this section will be helpful to you by stimulating your thinking on what you value and how you live your life.

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