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Apr 9, 2022 01:43 PM
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My Notion setup contains a lot of single purpose apps: a habit tracker, a task tracker, a fitness tracker, and more. These are essential, but a huge benefit of Notion is that I can insert parts of those apps into other apps or pages such that they all work off the same underlying data. This allows me to mark off my habits both in the habit tracker itself but also in any other app that has a tie in to that.
What that has led to is a revitalization of my Monthly database and a very elaborate template that I now use for each month. In a way, that month’s page becomes a core app for use each month. It does this largely by taking views from other apps and aggregating them in a single place.
This will make more sense if we dive in. Each month is just a page with 13 collapsible headers:
notion image
The magic, of course, is what is in each of those collapsible headers!
Indeed, each features a view or set of views from other apps. So if we look at daily habits, we see my habit checklist:
notion image
And if we go into “Experimentation Plans” it shows the experiments that I’ve tagged to the month and a few details about them:
notion image
And I could go on, obviously, but hopefully you get the idea. The Month page provides a single screen with all the relevant day-to-day stuff that I need. While you could make this a permanent page, having it get restarted each month gives you a chance to refresh it and start with a blank slate. It also provides a cool snapshot in time when looking back years from now.
Best of all, this is all templatized! So I can click one button for February and the entire page will be populated with all the desired views. This even works with sync blocks, which is great for my blog writing, as an example. The only sort of pre-work needed is to tag what experiments and projects I want to focus on in a month so that they appear. But this too is a helpful process as it gets me planning out the month and identifying what the highest opportunity projects are to work on!
So that is the gist of the Monthly layout. As with many of my other Notion tools, I do plan to make this a template as well, but the challenge is that this is obviously highly dependent upon all the other apps that I have, and would basically require a full ecosystem in order to be helpful. At that point, the exact areas of focus are bound to be so different for any two individuals that it would require substantial customization regardless.
So I do recommend you view this more as inspiration for what your setup could look like. Especially if the idea of viewing each month as a separate “sprint” of sorts with its own focus, this is a great way to focus your time and efforts!