Notes about this template

  • This template is setup with the purpose of being a drag & drop task manager based on a "Do Date" system, where tasks are kept in a backlog until they are put down to be done on a specific day.
  • Added to that is an "On Deck" space where tasks can be prioritized. Both the "On Deck" and "Backlog" sections can be manually sorted, but I've found it helpful to have a separation.
  • In this template, the "Project" field is a multi-select, defaulted to "Home" and "Work" as two options currently, though you can obviously add more. In my Notion setup, this is a linked field that ties to my Project Database.
  • As you'd expect, you could create additional views on your task databases to create, say, a "Work Task View" and a "Home Task View", but this is left to the user as the desired splits may vary.
Please feel free to reach out with any questions/comments/suggestions!
Ben Mumma