Productivity In Notion

Productivity In Notion

Productivity With Notion

Designing the World's Best Productivity Engine inside the World's Best Productivity Software
By: Ben Mumma
I've chased for a while various systems to help juggle all the different aspects of life in a never-ending quest to, well, get better at it.
Among other things, that quest led me to spend two years founding my own company and our productivity platform, WeAchieve.
But for a host of reasons, I've been really impressed by Notion's capabilities to provide a best-in-class productivity system, if you design it!
Thus, this is my series explaining the design of that best-in-class productivity system in Notion! This will be broken up into many parts, but each will cover a core piece of the architecture and be relatively self-contained.
So keep an eye out here for updates:

  • A semi-brief overview of all the cool stuff that Notion enables you to do!
  • The core of my productivity system is "projects" which serve as a home for any self-contained thing that I am working on.
Part 3: 📨My CRM
  • I've had designs for a personal lightweight CRM (relationship manager) for a while. With Notion, I've been able to build a simple and robust system that does everything I need!
  • How I've built my own task management system to walk the line between chaos and over taskification!
  • Notion as a Second Brain and my system for tracking memories large and small!
  • I use months as the center of tracking my progress in life across a number of dimensions. This is how I setup a monthly table to track various metrics over time.
  • My daily tracker is a mix of three things that in the past would have required separate apps: habit tracking, mini journaling, and a picture of the day. Notion makes it seamless to combine all three of these into one simple flow!
  • Topics act as a way to tie all of my writing (public and private) as well as content I read and projects into a single space. With the introduction of backlinks, this becomes quite powerful!
  • I've revamped my task management again to create what I can humbly describe as THE BEST task manager I've seen in Notion!
  • What I'm doing to make sure I build the right habits in 2021 using Notion!
  • Habit Tracking taken up one more level! Now using the Notion API to make habit tracking simple and robust!
  • Organizing your Notion into Apps, Projects, and Databases is a great way to scale out the possibilities!
  • There are some great new tools to enable better website delivery using Notion - check it out!
  • Notion can be a great add-on to set up training plans and various targets while using Zapier to automatically port in workouts from Strava!
  • How to self-evaluate and plan your coming year in Notion!

Coming Soon:
Notion Reader
  • I've used Instapaper and Pocket in the past as aggregators for news and other content I want to hang on to. But given the connectivity Notion has to all the other areas of my life, it is a natural fit for this!
The Learning Hub
  • How I work through various courses and topics I'm learning about and take notes to improve my ability to retain and recall what I learn!
Publishing Center
  • All of the content I write for this series or other things that I put on the web under my name or various pseudonyms starts here. I use this to aggregate ideas, draft articles, schedule out future posts, and more.
The Calendar
  • Notion isn't a calendar app, so it does have limited use for all the inner machinations of hourly work meetings. But it does help to store larger events or gatherings in a calendar.
Experiment Database
  • One thing I'm trying to do in life is to run a few week-long experiments to try new things that could improve my life. While not every week, it is a great way to mix up my routines and try something new!